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biomedical science?

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Maple8--becoming a mathematician artist!

Using the Maple application for the first time,I thought,is so much hassle as taking biomedical course, I dont expect to do complicated mathematics equation. But then, I am sure that what I learn now will benefit me,maybe not now, maybe in the future. Now scroll down for a Maple experience!!! =) Enjoy it!

This is a 2D picture. Its an abstract picture that I've created using maple. I've interpreted it as two people hugging. I named this picture'hugs'. Cute?For it, I used this equation:

[sin(8*t)+cos(3*t), cos(2*t)+sin(2*t), t=-100..100]

This is a graph that i build in such a way that it moves fast and slow,like a spring that is given force at a certain period of time. With this reason, I named this graph 'spring' ! I've used this equation for this equation:
sin(8*x+theta^2), x=-10..10, theta=0..2*Pi

This image I would like to name is as 'wings'. I see this image as wings of a bird. Would you agree? I do this animation by this equation:
sin(sqrt(x+y^2)+phi), x=-9..9, y=-8..8, phi=0..2*Pi-2*Pi/20.
style=patch, frames=20

For this image I like to see it as a spider. Hehee. What do you think? Isn't it wonderful that with this mathematical equation we could do an animation? I have use this equation for this image:
2*cos(x^2)*(6*cos(y))*theta*sin(2*x^4)+sin(x)^2+sin(x)^4,x=-2..2, y=0..4*Pi,theta=0..2*Pi/20.

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