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biomedical science?

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From the day you were a newborn baby, a biomedical scientist will have carried out tests on your health. Anytime you have visited hospital when ill or had a sample taken from you by a doctor or nurse, these would have been analysed by a biomedical scientist without whom it would not be possible to diagnose illness and evaluate the effectiveness of the necessary treatment. Doctors treat their patients based on results of the vital tests and investigations that diagnose often serious and life threatening illnesses such as cancer, AIDS or diabetes....

Without biomedical scientists, departments such as accident and

emergency and operating theatres could not properly function. The many roles include tests for emergency blood transfusions and blood grouping as well as tests on samples from patients who have overdosed on unknown substances, or may have leukaemia or are suspected of having a heart attack. The successful performance of this key role in modern healthcare relies on the accuracy and efficiency of work by biomedical scientists because patients' lives and the treatment of illness depend on their skill and knowledge. Cancer, diabetes, toxicological study, blood transfusion, anaemia, meningitis, hepatitis and AIDS are just some of the medical conditions they investigate. They also perform a key role in screening cervical smears, identify viruses and diseases and monitor the effects of medication and other treatments. Scientists learn to work with computers, sophisticated automated equipment, microscopes and other hi-tech laboratory equipment. They employ a wide range of complex modern techniques.



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